Gospelware is a software developer that leverages mobile technology to solve problems and transform businesses. It works at the cutting edge of software design for mobile interfaces and its portfolio has achieved international recognition, culminating in the winning of the 2017 ‘Webby’ for user interface design. Founded in 2010 by Ryan Davies and Michael Dunn, Gospelware’s early days were spent within and supported by Northumbria University’s nation-leading enterprise programme. Back then, its work chiefly concerned the support startups and entrepreneurs across the North East region, which taught Ryan and Michael important lessons about what’s important when it comes to the planning of an investment in software development. Although Gospelware has come a long way since those days, this entrepreneurial spirit can be seen throughout its offices, a suite in Newcastle upon Tyne formerly inhabited by the Ignite accelerator programme. But Gospelware doesn’t just produce great work, it has a great reputation for the way it goes about producing that work, with clients consistently rating the business highly for the effort it puts into maintaining the relationships it fosters with them. Gospelware now develops mobile and web app technologies that offer sustainable solutions across a range of sectors, including retail, leisure, manufacturing, healthcare and education and its clients include Realrider, Altruly and Changing Health.

Adamson House,65 Westgate Road,Newcastle upon Tyne,NE1 1SG Phone: 0191 640 3459www.gospelware.co.uk

Before I met Matthew I thought all lawyers were all bastards. Matthew is approachable and doesn’t wear a tie! I know he’s an anarchist

What we did for them: Northumbria University’s enterprise programme is the most successful in the country. Its purpose is to present self-employment and entrepreneurship to the university’s graduates as an alternative to a more conventional career path. The institution provides workshops and one-to-one support provided by local professionals and Matthew got involved with the programme back in 2006, a year after it began. In 2009, an unusually attentive under-graduate came along to the workshops. By the end of that academic year, Michael had founded Gospelware with his long-term pal Ryan. We’ve been advising them ever since. Given that when they started, they were just two blokes with trendy haircuts and laptops in some borrowed space doing whatever they could to make a crust and that they now have a suite of offices and about 30 employees and a national reputation for design and development for mobile technology, the work we’ve done with Ryan and Michael has been pretty wide ranging. We started with a lot of commercial work, including the first implementation of plain English Terms of Business written in Gospelware’s tone of voice. The early years saw the Gospelware team hustling and building a reputation. As if so often the case with businesses run by very young entrepreneurs, sadly there were a number of sad individuals, people frankly old enough to know better, who sought to take advantage of their inexperience. Ryan and Michael were refreshingly reluctant to allow this to happen, meaning that in the early years, some of our heavier engagements were in dispute resolution with every one achieving a settlement on our terms. Later, Gospelware grew on the back of a significant debt round that we advised upon. That brought in more staff, with a need for HR advice and all the issues that go along with managing staff. And of course, there’s been a never-ending diet of fending off big corporates who challenge those beautiful terms of business as well as numerous commercial agreements to review and negotiate.



What they said about us: How are *particular different?Before I met Matthew I thought all lawyers were all bastards. Matthew is approachable and doesn’t wear a tie! I know he’s an anarchist. What do you value most about *particular?Their personal service; I am able to pick up the phone whenever I need to. Matthew is not just our lawyer, he’s our advisor. He’s almost part of the furniture. Matthew helps you make the right commercial choices - he doesn’t try to sell you what you don’t need. How have *particular helped your business?He has helped us evolve our Ts&Cs as we’ve grown, taking them from very broad and generic to a perfect fit for our business. He has also helped with people difficulties we have had. *particular in (loosely) 4 Words?Fast/Responsive. Open and Honest. Integrity above all else... and he doesn’t wear a tie! Best IP lawyer in the region. Best lawyer in the North East, if not the world.