hedgehog lab is a leading global technology consultancy with a focus on mobile, connected devices and immersive app development and innovation. It’s immersive technologies division offers the very best in virtual, augmented and mixed reality content development. hedgehog lab is strongly committed to agile software development and the mindset that this methodology requires infuses the approach taken by its staff from top to bottom. hedgehog knows and expects that a project will evolve as it is delivered and each job is structured to allow for that. Founded in 2007 by Sarat Pediredla and Mark Foster, the company has seen considerable growth, now with offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, London, Boston, Austin, Copenhagen and Hyderabad. Clients include Santander, B&M, Thales and AkzoNobel. Its workforce now numbers over 100, many of whom are based in its Newcastle headquarters.

Generator Studios,Trafalgar St,Newcastle upon Tyne,NE1 2LA Phone: 0191 249 8039www.hedgehoglab.com

“Their personal service, and taking time to understand our business, is very important to me”

What we did for them: Despite occupying space no more than 400 metres from Campus North, it took a journey from Newcastle to Boston via Dublin to make the connection between hedgehog lab and *particular. hedgehog CEO Sarat was involved in the opening of hedgehog’s Boston office. Our former co-founder Deb was making the first of many trips that would end with her appointment as an Associate on the TechStars Boston programme. Sarat and Deb found themselves sitting alongside each other and Sarat explained that his patience had worn thin with his existing solicitors. He had heard a little about us and wanted to know just how different we might be. That conversation led to hedgehog signing up immediately as one of our ‘retainer’ clients. This is quite unusual – clients usually prefer to sample the merchandise before signing up to a year-long obligation. But Sarat had been sitting on a number of issues for a while because he couldn’t bring himself to send them over to his existing advisers. So, no sooner had Deb returned when we were thrown into a whirlwind of commercial work, which led to employment work and to dispute resolution and eventually to a seven-figure part-debt part-equity investment round. Over the three years that we worked with hedgehog, we introduced them to the idea of conventional software development arrangements, preparing bespoke terms and conditions for them to suit their unique working practices. We also negotiated a number of high-value software development agreements with some very big players indeed. Although the work we did on corporate finance and dispute resolution for hedgehog may have justified more column inches in the trade press, it’s this commercial work that generated the most pride for us.



What they said about us: How are *particular different?Particular are a law firm that have truly taken the time to understand our business - providing honest and true advice - not just what we want to hear. What do you value most about *particular?We value Particular Legal’s personalisation. Lawyers we have used in the past have used set templates and Particular Legal don’t have this. Their personal service, and taking time to understand our business is very important to me. Matthew and the team at Particular take the time to understand. We value Matthew and the team’s confidence in dealing with the digital sector. Particular Legal understands our industry, but also the nuances of Hedgehog’s needs. Particular Legal never work on assumptions. Their service is handcrafted for our needs. Particular Legal are never afraid to be honest. You know they are not trying to get a sale. They tell you how it is. How have *particular helped your business?Matthew really helped us when we grew so fast. He worked with us to improve and evolve our Ts&Cs inline with a fast growing business. They also helped us create customer contracts from scratch and refined all our legal content. * particular in (loosely) 4 Words?Personal. Trustworthy. Experienced. Knowledgeable.