Hey, I’m Matthew.I am the Director of *particular, which I founded in 2011 having spent more than a decade getting increasingly exasperated by the inability of the large firms for which I worked to get to grips with the needs of the owner-managed businesses that formed the majority of their client bases.

Most of my time is spent managing this monster that we created back in 2011. When I’m not doing that, I spend a lot of time handling the first contacts with many of our new clients. There’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting up with somebody new and not having any knowledge of them, their business or their needs. Given the nature of our practice, there’s no telling what the next meeting will involve. I originally qualified back in the 90s as a commercial litigator but soon after that, I moved into intellectual property, working on both deals and disputes. That lead in turn to a general commercial practice, specialising in plain English drafting, which gave me a chance to exercise my copywriting skills that I had been reluctantly neglecting since switching from an earlier career in marketing and retail. When my former business partner left the business, I took over her role as the first point of contact for our corporate finance practice, which focussed then mostly on seed and pre-seed investment deals but now extends to series A and beyond, both for investees and investors. So I have some expertise in most of the practice areas that we carry on, but my client work tends to be limited to IP, commercial and dispute resolution.

"I enjoy watching most sport. Except for athletics and swimming, which seem to me to be more about survival instincts"

Some time around 1999, I started working with software developers and web designers and that gradually became the focus of my practice. I worked with the Brightstar incubator at Adastral Park long before Steve Blank developed his lean startup methodology. Later, I worked as a mentor on the Business Growth Workshop System at DigitalCity Business in Middlesbrough – the first growth-oriented accelerator system created in the UK, before even the launch of Seedcamp. That led me to doing the same thing at The Difference Engine, which was created by Jon Bradford and modelled on Y Combinator. When The Difference Engine became Ignite, *particular became the in-programme legal partner, providing advice and assistance through ‘office hours’ and colourful seminars where nothing was sacred. In turn, that led me to Mass Challenge and eventually to Wayra, where I was appointed the Legal Coach for the UK programmes. Away from the office, I like to squeeze in as much golf as I can get away with. But given that, in addition to leading *particular, I’m also the father of two boys as well as being the husband of a Crown Court judge, that’s nothing like as much golf as I’d like. I also love watching and playing cricket. In fact, I enjoy watching most sport. Except for athletics and swimming, which seem to me to be more about survival instincts. And horse racing, where the poor horse has to do all the work. I also like to watch movies and to read when I can – something I generally only get to do intensively when on holiday. And I like to write. In addition to our Medium page, when the opportunity permits (which isn’t often), you can find my work at www.matthewsviews.com




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