The golden hour. This is the term used by medics to describe the minutes that follow a serious head injury. Every committed biker knows that his or her golden hour could be just moments away, as they enjoy their machines often in the wilds of the countryside. And when a rider ‘has an off’, all traces might disappear. Rider and bike may be propelled far from the road at great speed. For the rider, with only a helmet and leathers for protection, the golden hour could be about to start. Every minute, every second that passes before medical attention is precious. The passing of time can often mean the difference between life and death. But for a rider unconscious in a ditch or a field, unseen from the road, perhaps riding solo, who will call for help? That’s what REALRIDER® was created to do. The UK’s first 999-certified mobile application was launched as a pilot in 2014 and launched nationally in 2016 following extensive testing. Put simply, it is the app that could save your life. REALRIDER® is the trading name of Realsafe Technologies, a Tyneside-based tech company focused on developing safety-based technology connected to the emergency services. Founded in 2011 by Zoë Farrington and Andrew Richardson, their app REALRIDER®, is the first of its kind to detect if a rider has had a crash and notify the emergency services of the rider’s location to within a few metres. The app was launched in Canada in April 2017, with plans being pursued to integrate across the whole of North America ahead of a US launch in 2018. Discussions are also in progress about a launch in Malaysia.

Realsafe Technologies,Northern Design Centre,Abbotts Hill,Gateshead,NE8 3DF Phone: 0191 4998385www.realsafetechnologies.com

“*particular legal feel more like an extension of our team rather than an external service provider. They are our inside outsiders”

What we did for them: *particular founder and director Matthew first met Zoë and Andrew, the founders of Realsafe Technologies Ltd, when they were still running an earlier business and were mapping out the product that would become REALRIDER®. Their earlier business specialised in the design and production of road safety campaigns for local authorities. But when the credit crunch struck, Zoë and Andrew had to turn their considerable experience to the development of a product that would, in due course, replace the revenue lost from their clients. Realsafe was one of our earliest clients – our 80th in fact. Our earliest work was an early seed investment round and once that was complete, Realsafe became one of our first retainer clients. Aside from a number of further corporate transactions (which included investment rounds, joint venture agreements and an EMI employee incentive scheme), we have been consistently busy with them on a range of commercial, employment and dispute resolution… and even a little bit of property work. Data protection and information security has been of the highest priority for Realsafe and we really have had to have our wits about us in the design of Realsafe’s internal framework for handling the sensitive personal data of its clients. As the UK’s first 999-certified application provider, Realsafe’s partners concern for the security and stability of their systems verges on entirely justified paranoia. Our strategy throughout has been to adopt a policy of ‘transparency-by-default’, giving as much information as we can to those who need to know (including the users) about how we do things. In this market, all stakeholders need to be able to trust a service provider like Realsafe instantly.



What they said about us: How are *particular different?They are more like an extension of our team rather than an external service provider. They are our inside outsiders. Our trusting relationship means we have never been worried sharing sensitive matters with them eg IP. What do you value most about *particular?Their very personal service. They take the time to understand our people and the business. By understanding us and how we operate, our conversations can be succinct. Readily accessible - there when you need them. How have *particular helped your business?Particular Legal have been instrumental in ensuring our business trades legally in a professional manner; helping us with Ts&Cs, privacy protection and IP. *particular in (loosely) 4 Words?Trustworthy. Knowledgeable. Straightforward. Avoid legalese.