If you’ve ever damaged the phone you use for work, you will probably have experienced the smashed-screen-work-phone dilemna, to wit: do you keep using your phone with its shattered screen, running the risk that you could slice open your finger at any moment but not miss an important call? Or do you take your phone to be repaired and learn to live without it for a week? Repairly is a London-based company that was born to eliminate the smashed-screen-work-phone dilemma. It offers on demand technology repair services for phones, tablets and laptops. Repairly’s staff buzz around the capital on a fleet of scooters, collecting devices that they return fixed on the same day. Repairly is having to expand quickly to meet demand from its corporate customers, whose distributed workforces require constant support. Founded in 2015 by Rich Edwards and Fraser Williams, the company took part in the Ignite accelerator programme in Newcastle before joining the Techstars London spring 2016 cohort, which was backed by Virgin Media. Their vision is to help people on an international scale, with Repairly as a model that can be retrofitted in cities and metropolitan areas from America to Asia.

TechSpace 5th Floor,38 - 40 Commercial Road,London,E1 1LN Phone: 0330 332 6259www.repairly.co.uk

“We value their ability to cut through the crap and put legal things into human language”

What we did for them: Unlike the testimonials we’ve received from clients like Gospelware and Realsafe, our relationship with Repairly has been relatively short. But it has been forged in fire and has involved us in some of the most intense work we have ever done with an accelerator-born startup. We first met Repairly when they were a team on the last Ignite 100 Newcastle programme, back in 2015. They were pretty much the only measurable success from that cohort and were offered a place on the Spring 2016 TechStars programme In London, which was backed by VirginMedia. Whilst the guys were in TechStars, we engaged with them on a number of minor commercial issues but it was the seed round that followed TechStars that created the bond between Repairly and Particular. The seed rounds that follow demo days and showcases are often fraught with emotion as the founders, who have worked tirelessly and without pay for months, try to secure the funding they need to continue their journey, knowing that all the time the runway is running out. This was, of course, the same with Repairly, but there were a number of other issues that were unusual about it, not least, the involvement of TechStars meant that we had to deal with corporate finance lawyers in Colorado, USA who had but the barest familiarity with UK corporate law. That didn’t stop them expecting to impose wording prepared for the US market on us.  But you can't try to 'teach' other lawyers in this situation.  They find it patronising.  Instead, he had to nudge them through the process. Since that round completed, we have continued to assist the guys with a number of commercial and data protection issues. However, the more difficult things have involved the management of staff - as is so often the case for startup founders who have to evolve into a scaleup management team - and it’s probably fair to say that this has been a learning process for the Repairly management team. Then, quite unexpectedly for us, Fraser decided to leave the business to pursue another opportunity. Just like all founder splits, the situation was tense but we managed to steer a reasonable path with the investors prepared to adopt a conciliatory path. Rich is now the sole remaining founder, but this hasn’t inhibited the growth of the business. Its scooters can be seen buzzing around the streets of Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and Farringdon and gradually further afield in London and Rich is planning moves into other cities, both here and abroad. At the time of writing, the latest work involves an investment round that must go from term sheet to completion in five working days. It's a challenge.  But hey, that's why we do this stuff.



What they said about us: How are *particular different?More human. Easy to talk to and have more personality than I expected of lawyers. It’s the little things that are different too. Working with *particular is more like working with a friend. I can communicate informally with them e.g. via text. Didn’t expect that with lawyers. What do you value most about *particular?Their ability to cut through the crap and put legal things into human language. As a first time entrepreneur they have helped break down and explain legal matters in a simple and understandable way - putting in real terms what is needed for our particular business.They always work hard - pushing to get things over the line for you. How have *particular helped your business?*particular helped during a time of legal turbulence when we had two complicated matters happening at the same time. Our co-founder left and we had interest from an investor. *particular did an amazing job of navigating these two areas simultaneously and finding the right path to move things forward as fast as possible.*particular can take off their legal hat and put on an entrepreneur hat - so they can see things from our perspective. *particular in (loosely) 4 Words?Real and human in their approach.Provide added value out of the scope of their role.Always find a way through to a solution.