Let us worry about that stuff for you. You have more important things to be getting on with.

Whether you’re established in business or considering setting up a new business, the chances are that you are or will be trading through a limited liability company. And if you’re not, you should give serious consideration to getting your business ‘incorporated’ as soon as you can, because if you’re currently trading as a ‘sole trader’ or as a ‘partnership’, you are exposing yourself to probably needless personal liability. Occasionally, we have clients with other needs. An investor network recently asked us to set them up as a ‘limited liability partnership’. If you’re working in the third sector, being a ‘company limited by guarantee’ or a ‘community interest company’ may get around the sticky issues that running a limited liability company strictly in the interest of the shareholders may create. The good news is that we can help with all of these. We can help you set them up, administer them and build relationships within your business. This could include drafting Articles of Association to match your needs if the Model Articles don’t fit. A shareholders’ agreement to regulate relationships with your fellow shareholders (or a founders’ agreement if you’re a startup and would like that certainty though cash is tight). Directors who are employed within the business (as is the case with founders) should have director’s service agreements and those who are not should be on non-executive director appointment letters. Advisors may have option agreements or you may have sweat-equity arrangements in place that need to be documented. If you’re seeking investment, you’ll need all of these things in place along with IP assignments from the founders. And the list goes on. And then there’s all the Companies House paperwork that needs to be filed on time. Let us worry about that stuff for you. You have more important things to be getting on with.